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I saw your face and wow – Ronnie Matthews

A great jam for a Friday night!

Who remembers this classic song?

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image from heyarnold.wikia.com


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Doug: The Top 10 Episodes from Nickelodeon Version

Alright, 90skidsstuff is ready for a new innovation. In a post from a couple of months ago, I counted down the top 10 Nickelodeon Shows of the 90’s. Now, we will begin a series of naming the top 10 episodes from some of those television shows. First, is “Doug”!

10. Doug Vs. The Klotzoid Zombies

Season 2, airdate: 4/19/1992

This episode provided one of the very few nice moments for Roger Klotz. What starts out as Doug thinking that Roger was stealing all of his friends, turns out to be a surprise party for Doug. This is an episode that also featured the classic Quailman character.

image from zetaboards.com

9. Doug & Patti Sittin’ in a Tree

Season 4, airdate: 4/17/1994

This is the episode where Doug and Patti go on their first “date”. One of the major themes of the entire series was the development of Doug and Patti’s relationship. This episode also features one of those classic “how do you know if it’s a date” advice scenes, this time provided by Doug’s best friend, Skeeter.

image from gawker.com/doug

8. Doug’s Sister Act

Season 4, airdate: 6/5/1994

In this episode, Doug’s sister, Judy has her new boyfriend over for dinner. Judy is embarrassed by her family, especially Doug, and judging by this clip, rightfully so. This is one of the greatest lines in “Doug” history… “there’s a bomb in the lasagna”.

7. Doug Way Out West

Season 4, airdate: 6/12/1994

In this episode, Doug tries to impress Patti (and everyone else) by saying he is a great horse back rider. Unfortunately, he only has experience riding a pony from when he was a little kid.


6. Doug Bags a Neematoad

Season 1, airdate: 8/18/1991

“Doug Bags a Neematoad” was the series premiere, and signaled the start of one of the great Nicktoons. Doug is new to Bluffington, and immediately meets his best friend, Skeeter, his secret crush, Patti, and the school bully, Roger Klotz. Roger makes sure to “introduce” him to the new town.

image from nick.com

5. Doug Says Goodbye

Season 1, airdate: 11/3/1991

This episode showed just how awesome Douglas Funnie and Mosquito Valentine’s friendship was. Skeeter thinks that he is going to move away, and will never see Doug again, but it ends up being a misunderstanding. The scene where Doug is chasing Skeeter’s car driving away gives me chills every time.

image from follw.it

4. Doug’s Fan Club

Season 4, airdate: 5/8/1994

In this episode, Doug gains an admirer after performing a magic trick. The kid, though eventually gets on Doug’s nerves, and he snaps at him. In the end, they reconcile, and become friends.

image from follw.it

3. Doug Throws a Party

Season 4, airdate: 6/12/1994

Doug is throwing his first house party, and when Roger suggests they play “Truth or Dare”, things get interesting.

image from nick.com

2. Doug’s Secret Song

Season 2, airdate: 4/12/1992

In this amazing episode, Doug writes and records a love song for Patti. This song however is meant to be kept secret. At the store in the mall, Doug accidentally receives Patti’s video, so he thinks that she got his. The episode ends with Patti and her friends watching Principal Bone’s yodeling video, and Principal Bone watching Doug’s.

1. Doug Is Hamburger Boy

Season 3, airdate: 6/20/1993

At the start of the episode, Doug learns of Mr. Dink’s secret. He used to be the Hamburger Boy. He now wants Doug to take on the job, and Doug reluctantly agrees. He is now trying to keep this secret of his own, and the scenes at the lake/picnic are definitely among the best. The ending line of “why was he carrying that pair of pants” is hilarious. Enjoy the full episode of “Doug Is Hamburger Boy” along with a bonus episode “Doug’s Shock Therapy”!


There’s my take on the best Doug episodes. Did I leave out your favorite one? Leave a comment below! Future top 10 episode posts will include: Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and Are You Afraid of the Dark, among others!

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1990’s Best TV Show Characters

There were a lot of great television show characters from the 1990’s. Many are comedic, some dramatic, and a few are just simply people who kept you tuned in to their program every single episode. “Friends” and “Seinfeld” both displayed casts with multiple candidates for this list. So, for “Friends” I picked my favorite female character, and then grouped my two favorite male characters together. For “Seinfeld” I picked my favorite one, and then put the other three in one group to make the list as well. So, that leaves six more spots. Who made the list for the best tv show characters of the 1990’s?

10. Billy Cranston, “The Blue Ranger”

TV Show: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

I, as I’m sure many boy power ranger fans growing up, had a crush on Kimberly Hart, “The Pink Ranger”. However, my favorite color has been blue for most of my life, so that’s probably why Billy was my favorite. Also, I think the human version of this character had glasses, which, starting in 3rd grade, I did as well. These kind of seem like somewhat stupid reasons for him being my favorite power ranger, but that’s just the way it is.

image from lsnhs.leesummit.k12.mo.us

9. Kevin Arnold

TV Show: The Wonder Years

Ok, since this show ran from 1988-1993, and I was born in 1990, I obviously did not see the show the first time through. I don’t think there were many toddlers who made sure to tune in each week to see how Kevin and Winnie’s romance was progressing. However, I did see some re-runs, and this was a great show. I actually just discovered online that the voice of the Kevin narrator was Daniel Stern. Yes, that Daniel Stern. The Daniel Stern who was in a previous blog post of mine, playing the dim-witted Marv, from Home Alone.

8. Steve Urkel

TV Show: Family Matters

“Urkel”, amazingly was initially supposed to be a one-episode only character. Obviously, Family Matters would have been a very different show without him.

7. Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek

TV Show: Saturday Night Live

Beginning in the 90’s, and all throughout the 2000’s, Ferrell has become one of the funniest men on the planet. Whether it be Anchorman, Old School, or Step Brothers, Ferrell is always at his funniest. It all began though, with his stint on SNL. One of his funnier skits was his portrayal of Alex Trebek on Jeopardy.

image from docudharma.com

 6. Phoebe Buffay

TV Show: Friends

Honestly, I probably could have put all six main characters from Friends, and then the four from Seinfeld on this list, and then BAM, list is done. However, some other shows need some love. I feel that out of Rachel Green, Monica Geller, and Phoebe, that she is the funniest. She plays “smelly cat” on guitar, has an alter ego named “Regina Phalange”, and use to be a mugger on the streets.

5. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

TV Show: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I don’t know whether I like Will Smith the actor, or his character in this show better. This character provided countless hilarious moments, and from the first note of the classic opening theme song, until the closing credits, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a great show and character.

4. Homer Simpson

TV Show: The Simpsons

If Family Guy was a 90’s show, this spot would definitely belong to Peter Griffin. However, Homer Simpson is to the Simpsons what Peter is to Family Guy. Homer is stupid, hilarious, and although sometimes has good intentions, he somehow manages to turn every situation sour.

image from simpsoncrazy.com

 3. Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing

TV Show: Friends

Absolutely no disrespect to Ross Geller here. Some days I feel like Ross was my favorite guy character. The next day, it’s Joey, and the next day it’s Chandler. Today, I’m going with a Chandler/Joey tie. Joey’s “how you doin?” catchphrase, his lack of intelligence, and his hilarious encounters as a struggling actor are what made him great. With Chandler… it’s pure comedy. His sarcasm never got old or annoying. Also, the two together, their relationship was almost as special as Ross and Rachel’s, as evidence by this video.

2. Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes, and Jerry Seinfeld

TV Show: Seinfeld

I know, I know. I just did a post on the best Seinfeld moments. But, I would not have been able to live with myself if I did not put these three on this list. Like with “Friends”, I had to include multiple characters from the show, and in this case, I placed these three just barely below the number one TV character of the 1990’s.

image from movies.yahoo.com

I am sure many of you can guess it… but here we go… the number one television show character from the 1990’s is…

1. George Costanza

TV Show: Seinfeld

For those Curb Your Enthusiasm fans reading, it’s not hard to see that the George character was based on Larry David himself. George is described numerous times as a “short, stocky, slow-witted, bald man.” Hey, if those are the qualities that it takes to be that much of a boss… I am willing to sacrifice.

That’s it for the 1990’s Best TV Show Characters list. Take the poll, leave a comment, tell your family and friends about the blog!

I am always up for new ideas. I’ve got my next few topics to cover already set up, but are there any subjects you want me to blog about more? Or is there anything I haven’t touched on that you want to hear about?

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Best Seinfeld Moments of the 1990’s

The 1990’s were filled with great television shows, but in my opinion, there is one clear choice for the best show of them all. Seinfeld was creative, extremely entertaining, and downright hilarious. I never knew that a show about nothing could be so influential and amazing. This show not only had one, two, or even three of the best tv characters ever, but it had FOUR of them. George, Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine were all people who you would not necessarily want to be best friends with, but it would have been a privilege to know them. I actually considered expanding the usual top 10 list, to a top 20 or 30, but I settled to go through the agonizing process of deciding on the 10 best Seinfeld moments.

*Quick note: none of the videos are working for some reason. Simply click on “youtube” and it will direct you to the video.

10. Stella!!!!

Elaine was spending a weekend with Jerry at his parents house, and hurt her back sleeping on a bad bed. Therefore, she had to take pain pills, and she took too many. Let the hilariousness ensue!

9. The marble rye

George is trying to get a loaf of marble rye bread to his fiancée, Susan’s parents house. He asks for Jerry’s help, and that leads to this amazing encounter.

8. Kramer at Elaine’s bachelor auction

Elaine wants Jerry to come to her bachelor auction, but he gets a terrible haircut. She is then forced to settle for Kramer going.

7. Cartwright!

Jerry, George, and Elaine are waiting for a table at a chinese restaurant. George is waiting for a very important phone call from his girlfriend, while they are waiting for the table. When the host receives the phone call, he inexplicably calls out “Cartwright” instead of “Costanza”.

6. Is that a titleist?

The story from George is hilarious as it is, but if you see the whole episode (The Marine Biologist), you see that a few days earlier, Kramer was driving golf balls into the ocean. They were titleists.

5. George’s answering machine

This is simply the greatest phone answering machine message ever created! This is one of thousands of George Costanza’s finest moments.

4. The wink

When the gang is at the coffee shop, Jerry accidentally squirts juice from a grapefruit into George’s eye. Later, George starts involuntarily winking at some of the most inopportune times.

3. Bosco!

George is eager to tell someone what his secret code is. An old lady who is dying seems to be the perfect person, because she will never be able to tell anybody. Oops!

2. You bastard, sons of bitches!

George picks up on some of the Houston Astros guys lingo. He then teaches the phrases to Elaine’s friend (who is not from the country) Jean Paul, who starts using the words in inappropriate situations. The woman at the end of the clip has a baby who is without a father, and she tells this secret to Elaine, and makes her promise never to tell anyone. So when Jean Paul says what he says, she thinks that Elaine told him, and the result is a very funny misunderstanding.

and now… the golden envelope please… the number one moment in Seinfeld history is…


Kramer accidentally receives someone elses license plates at the DMV. They are vanity plates and have a pretty interesting message. Later, Kramer uses the plates and pretends to be a proctologist, so he can get the doctor’s parking space. Finally, he has to pick up George’s mom from the doctor’s office, after she got an eye job, and when other people in cars start yelling “assman”, she gets the wrong impression.

I will now include one bonus video of the famous “Soup Nazi” clips. Although I didn’t think it was top 10 worthy, it was still a funny moment, and very popular. Many believe it was one of the funniest moments in Seinfeld history.

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