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Seinfeld Trivia Game

Here is a trivia game on America’s favorite sitcom, Seinfeld. Enjoy!



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1990’s Nickelodeon Trivia Game: A 90skidsstuff first

Hopefully this little experiment works well. We at 90skidsstuff have created the first trivia game. This edition is focused on 1990’s Nickelodeon Trivia, so click on the link below and take the quiz!


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Guess Who: A Game That Tests Your 90’s Intelligence

So I was thinking the other day, why don’t I come up with a game for some of the readers of 90skidsstuff to participate in? That lead to the idea of creating a “Guess Who?” game. In this game, you will be trying to guess who the sports figure, tv show character/actor, movie character/actor, or singer/band from the 1990’s is. I will start off by giving one clue (usually a very broad one), and if you know who the person is just after that, then leave a comment with your answer, and say that you guessed it after one clue (this will be nearly impossible). If you do not know the answer after one clue, read the next clue, and so on. In total, I will give ten clues, and whenever you think you can identify the person, leave a comment with your answer and how many clues it took you to guess it (be honest). After the tenth clue, if you still do not know who it is, then scroll down just a bit, and the answer will be revealed! Good luck to all, and let’s see if you can Guess Who?


  1. Do not scroll to the bottom of the post until you give up or guess. The game will be ruined if you do so.
  2. Take your time
  3. Once you think you know the answer, put it in the comment box and record how many clues it took you
  4. No cheating
  5. Have fun!

Scoring system

  • Correct Answer after 1 clue: 90skidsstuff genius
  • 2-4 clues: You know your 90’s very well
  • 5-7 clues: You know some stuff about the 90’s, but can improve
  • 8-10 clues: You must be a 2000’s kid!


Clue #1: I have blonde hair

Clue #2: I live with my grandparents

Clue #3: I am currently in elementary school

Clue #4: I live in the city of Hillwood

Clue #5: My teacher is named Mr. Simmons

Clue #6: I always wear a little blue hat

Clue #7: I used to have a crush on an older girl named Ruth

Clue #8: I have a pet pig

Clue #9: I once saved my friend from being crushed by a billboard sign

Clue #10: People tell me that I have a uniquely shaped football head

The answer is………………….

image from wikipedia.org

 Arnold from Hey Arnold!

 So, how did you do? Feel free to leave a comment even if you did not participate in the game. Give me some suggestions on future blog post topics, and anything else. Another caption contest will be coming shortly!

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