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Where are they now Wednesdays?

Welcome to the premiere of Where are they now Wednesdays? From now on, every Wednesday, I will be updating you on one of our favorite sports figures, television show actors, movie actors, or singer/bands from the 1990’s. Sometimes the person will be an athlete who was just coming onto the scene in the 90’s and is now retired or near the end of their career, sometimes it will be a famous child actor who is now into their adult career, and sometimes it will be a singer/band who was hugely popular in the 90’s and is either still together or has pursued other interests. This is a big step for 90skidsstuff, and hopefully this will become a popular weekly thing. Let’s begin Where are they now Wednesdays with a man who was mentioned all the way back in post one on batting stances. This segment is on “the hit dog”, Mo Vaughn. Many of us Red Sox fans remember Vaughn as the power hitting, fan favorite, first baseman for the Red Sox, during the better part of the 90’s. But what is he up to today? We will first dedicate a section of the post to Mo Vaughn “then”, and after that, we will look at his life and looks “now”. Here we go…


  • Vaughn made his major league debut on June 27, 1991 with Boston
  • In 1993, Mo had his breakout season, hitting 29 home runs, and produced 101 RBIs
  • Won the AL MVP in 1995: .300 AVG, 39 HR, 126 RBI
  • Red Sox advanced to playoffs in ’95, but lost to Indians in ALDS
  • Vaughn had his best season in 1996: .326 AVG, 44 HR, 143 RBI
  • 05/30/97 = Vaughn hit three HRs in 10-4 win over the Yankees
  • Vaughn hit a walk off grand slam on opening day at Fenway Park against the Mariners in 1998
  • In 1998, the Sox again made the playoffs only to lose to the Indians again in the division series
  • Throughout the ’98 season, Vaughn had issues with Red Sox management and administration, and that led to him signing a six-year $80 million deal with the Angels after the season
  • While successful in Anaheim, Mo was not nearly has good as when he was with Boston
  • Traded to the Mets after the 2001 season
  • Vaughn retired early in the 2003 season

    image from boston.com/sports/redsox



  • Vaughn currently owns and operates OMNI New York LLC which has bought and rehabilitated 1,142 units of distress housing in the New York metropolitan area
  • Mo recently purchased the Noble Drew Ali Pizza in Brownsville, Brooklyn for $21 million
  • His company is also involved in projects in Cheyenne, Miami and Las Vegas
  • Vaughn is currently the president of a trucking company out of Solon, Ohio
  • Finally, Vaughn’s nephew, Cory is in the New York Mets organization

    image from bostonfinancialguide.com

     Well, there you have it. It is an interesting perspective to look at how Mo Vaughn’s life has changed since the 90’s, and it seems like he his doing well, and doing a very good thing with his business. Have you got someone in mind that you want an update on? Leave a suggestion in the comment box and maybe it will be in next week’s Where are they now Wednesdays?


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  1. Vaughn came to the announcer box for a game this summer and was talking about a housing project. Nice to hear the full story!

    Comment by toosoxy | November 3, 2011 | Reply

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