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Best Seinfeld Moments of the 1990’s

The 1990’s were filled with great television shows, but in my opinion, there is one clear choice for the best show of them all. Seinfeld was creative, extremely entertaining, and downright hilarious. I never knew that a show about nothing could be so influential and amazing. This show not only had one, two, or even three of the best tv characters ever, but it had FOUR of them. George, Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine were all people who you would not necessarily want to be best friends with, but it would have been a privilege to know them. I actually considered expanding the usual top 10 list, to a top 20 or 30, but I settled to go through the agonizing process of deciding on the 10 best Seinfeld moments.

*Quick note: none of the videos are working for some reason. Simply click on “youtube” and it will direct you to the video.

10. Stella!!!!

Elaine was spending a weekend with Jerry at his parents house, and hurt her back sleeping on a bad bed. Therefore, she had to take pain pills, and she took too many. Let the hilariousness ensue!

9. The marble rye

George is trying to get a loaf of marble rye bread to his fiancée, Susan’s parents house. He asks for Jerry’s help, and that leads to this amazing encounter.

8. Kramer at Elaine’s bachelor auction

Elaine wants Jerry to come to her bachelor auction, but he gets a terrible haircut. She is then forced to settle for Kramer going.

7. Cartwright!

Jerry, George, and Elaine are waiting for a table at a chinese restaurant. George is waiting for a very important phone call from his girlfriend, while they are waiting for the table. When the host receives the phone call, he inexplicably calls out “Cartwright” instead of “Costanza”.

6. Is that a titleist?

The story from George is hilarious as it is, but if you see the whole episode (The Marine Biologist), you see that a few days earlier, Kramer was driving golf balls into the ocean. They were titleists.

5. George’s answering machine

This is simply the greatest phone answering machine message ever created! This is one of thousands of George Costanza’s finest moments.

4. The wink

When the gang is at the coffee shop, Jerry accidentally squirts juice from a grapefruit into George’s eye. Later, George starts involuntarily winking at some of the most inopportune times.

3. Bosco!

George is eager to tell someone what his secret code is. An old lady who is dying seems to be the perfect person, because she will never be able to tell anybody. Oops!

2. You bastard, sons of bitches!

George picks up on some of the Houston Astros guys lingo. He then teaches the phrases to Elaine’s friend (who is not from the country) Jean Paul, who starts using the words in inappropriate situations. The woman at the end of the clip has a baby who is without a father, and she tells this secret to Elaine, and makes her promise never to tell anyone. So when Jean Paul says what he says, she thinks that Elaine told him, and the result is a very funny misunderstanding.

and now… the golden envelope please… the number one moment in Seinfeld history is…


Kramer accidentally receives someone elses license plates at the DMV. They are vanity plates and have a pretty interesting message. Later, Kramer uses the plates and pretends to be a proctologist, so he can get the doctor’s parking space. Finally, he has to pick up George’s mom from the doctor’s office, after she got an eye job, and when other people in cars start yelling “assman”, she gets the wrong impression.

I will now include one bonus video of the famous “Soup Nazi” clips. Although I didn’t think it was top 10 worthy, it was still a funny moment, and very popular. Many believe it was one of the funniest moments in Seinfeld history.


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  1. hmmm i dunno about this list… what about “no soup for you?” or “the bro”
    well i guess you’d know better than me anyways…

    Comment by Alexandra Barbosa | October 13, 2011 | Reply

  2. honestly you can just pick one here they are all great. The greatest tv show ever in my mind

    Comment by gchamberlain2 | October 14, 2011 | Reply

  3. I think another honorable mention would have to be all the “hellloooo”‘s.

    hopefully this link works…

    Comment by mmilano35 | October 20, 2011 | Reply

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