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Best Basketball Players of the 1990’s

In honor of the current NBA lockout, this post is on my favorite basketball players of the 90’s. As a part of this list, there is one player who is still playing, one who just retired, and one who is actually shorter than me. These are not necessarily the best players, but most of them had solid NBA careers, and I enjoyed their personality, achievements, and effort in the game. Hopefully the 2011-2012 NBA season starts sooner rather than later, but until then, here are my favorite NBA players of the 1990’s…

10. Glen Rice (NBA career spanned 1989-2004)

Although Rice spent 8 of his 15 years with my 3 current least favorite teams (Heat, Lakers, Knicks), he was still a joy to watch. I’ve also been more of a fan of the three-point shooters than the flashy dunkers, and Rice was a good example of this. He is 11th on the all-time list in 3 point shots made.

9. Aaron McKie (1994-2007)

McKie was my favorite player on that Sixers team that faced the Lakers in the finals. I wanted them to win so badly but they didn’t. Allen Iverson and Larry Brown were what most people focused on with that team, but I liked watching McKie play.

image from wallcoo.net

8. Latrell Sprewell (1992-2005)

This is probably one I am going to regret putting on the list. Sprewell had a lot of issues during his NBA career, and they have continued during his retirement. I try to remember “Spree” as the player who was a key part of the Knicks 1999 NBA Finals run, where he averaged 26 ppg vs. the Spurs in the championship series. I have a feeling that former head coach P.J. Carlesimo will oppose my putting Sprewell on this list.

7. Grant Hill (1994-Present)

Basically the opposite of Sprewell. Hill has been an All-Star 7 times, while also winning the NBA Sportsmanship Award 3 times. A very good career, probably could have even been better if not for numerous injuries, Hill is known for being one of the nicest guys, and an all-around “good guy” in basketball.

6. Muggsy Bogues (1987-2001)

Yes!!!! I am 8 inches taller than this guy! All joking aside, for all the non-6 footers in the world, this guy was an inspiration. While never being a star, Bogues had a long, successful NBA career. Check out this huge block by Bogues.

5. Reggie Miller (1987-2005)

Other than No. 1, the only other for certain, first-ballot hall-of-famer on this list. I have a ton of respect for Reggie Miller for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that he spent his entire career with one team. That is definitely not a common thing. He now has the second most three-pointers in NBA history, after my favorite player of all-time (Ray Allen) passed him last season.

4. Larry Johnson (1991-2001)

“LJ” spent the first half of his career with the Charlotte Hornets, and the second half with the Knicks. Along with Sprewell, and the number two player on this list, Johnson was critical to New York’s run to the finals. Below is one of the greatest plays in NBA playoff history.

3. Antoine Walker (1996-2008)

Antoine has had a lot of trouble with money lately, even filing for bankruptcy last year. In his prime years though, with the Celtics, he was entertaining to watch, and a very good player as well. It didn’t take too long into Paul Pierce’s career, that the Celtics became his team.

2. Allan Houston (1993-2005)

The last of this New York Knick trio that made the list. Even though I am a Celtics fan, there were a few Knicks that I liked watching. Houston also had a clutch, game-winner in that 1999 playoffs, this one against the Heat.

and now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the Big Aristotle, the Diesel, the Big Shamrock, Shaq

1. Shaquille O’Neal (1992-2011)

Even though Shaq spent the bulk of his career with the team I hate, he somewhat redeemed himself by coming to the Celtics for his last year. His season with Boston was largely unsuccessful, but Shaq was simply awesome. He rapped a song about Kobe, became a reserve officer in LA and Miami, starred in the movie, “Kazaam”, and has what seems like 100 of his own TV shows. All of that is not even including his on court accolades and being one of the greatest players in NBA history.

Well, there you have it. The top 10 list of my favorite NBA players from the 1990’s. Other than the fact that a former Laker is number one, and there are 3 Knicks on the list, I feel pretty good about the list. What do you think? Stay tuned for the next post which will be about the best Seinfeld moments!


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  1. Gotta be honest, I was waiting for this list. Allan Houston has to be my favorite on here, I still like messing with Knick fans asking if they have him, he was the man. Nice shoutout to Shaq also. Well done.

    Comment by congetz | October 13, 2011 | Reply

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