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1990’s kids toys: The Best Ones

The differences between kid’s toys and games in the 1990’s and those today are ridiculous. Although today’s favorites may be ultra-fancy, very expensive, and creative, I will always be partial to those from the 90’s. The next top 10 list is on the best kid’s toy’s and games from the 1990’s.

10. Super Soakers (invented 11/13/1989 by Lonnie Johnson)

I have some great memories of visiting my cousins in Maine during the summer, hanging out, and frequently having “Super Soaker Fights”. Usually it was my cousin Skyler and me, versus my sister and his sister. We usually dominated. The video says “1980’s commercial”, but it was from the 90’s. I only wish I could have been as cool as the kid in the commercial.

9. Silly Putty (invented 1949 by various people)

This stuff was pretty silly. In elementary school it was a popular thing to bring to school, but it was not popular with the teachers.

image from askville.amazon.com

8. Toy Story action figures (first movie from 1995 by Pixar)

From the past 20 years, this movie might have produced the most popular action figures. Most kids always went straight for the Buzz Lightyear toy, but the Woody, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, and even Rex were also common.

7. Bop It (invented in 1996 by Dan Klitsner)

Bop It! Twist It! Pull It! Flick It! Spin It! Punch It! Eat It! Criticize It! Throw It! Okay those last four were made up, but you get the picture. Bop It original was a classic, and believe it or not, they are still coming out with more versions of it.

image from amazon.com

6. Super Nintendo/SEGA (SN: released 8/23/91 SEGA: invented in 1940)

I was always more of a Super Nintendo fan, but SEGA was pretty solid as well. Sonic the Hedgehog was the best SEGA game, while the best Super Nintendo game was easily Super Mario World. My friends and I could play that game all day.

5. Game Boy (released in August 1989)

I believe the only Game Boy I ever had was a blue Game Boy Pocket. I used to love this Ken Griffey Jr. baseball game. One day I lost my Game Boy. Worst day ever.

image from gdgt.com

4. Baseball Cards (earliest trace of cards from Japan in 1898)

Not exactly a “toy” or “game”, but there was no way that I was going to leave baseball cards off this list. Obviously this didn’t apply to all kids, mostly just baseball fans, but there were so many times when my best friend and I, or my cousin Skyler and I would trade baseball cards for hours. I really have to do something with all the cards I still have. I could make some serious cash.

image from toppsonlinestore.com

3. Crazy Bones (launched in 1996 by Peter Gantner)

Even though during recess at school, the primary choice was to play soccer or football outside, “crazy bones” was a great rainy day activity. The numerous types of crazy bones games were: traditional, on-line, battle, bowling, bomber, airborne, basket, dice, and box-it.

image from madhattersneverland.com

2. Pokemon (invented in 1996 by Satoshi Tajiri)

I’ll bet that most readers are fuming that this is not number one. To be honest, I never really got into Pokemon. I had a small collection of cards, but not nearly as many as my friends.

and now… after much deliberation… the number one kid’s toy of the 1990’s is…

1. Beanie Babies (invented in 1993 by Ty Warner)

There was this store in my hometown growing up called “Concord Hand Designs” that always sold the new beanie babies. I loved how on the tags attached to the animals ear, there was a brief bio along with its birthday. Admit it, you secretly still have your stash of beanie babies hidden away in the basement.

image from thatnbalotterypick.blogspot.com

Well that is it for the best 1990’s kids toys and games. Hope this list brought back some great memories! Is there a favorite of yours that should have made the list but didn’t? Feel free to comment. Upcoming posts will include 1990’s NBA players, the best Seinfeld moments, and the best TV show characters. 


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  1. I’m counting on your classic beanie baby collection with one of a kind collector’s items, supporting me in retirement..I may even have a few tucked away somewhere of my own. Thanks for the beanie nostalgia Vic,

    Comment by jc | October 8, 2011 | Reply

  2. I’m pretty sure at one point in time I either owned or DESPERATELY wanted all of these toys. Solid list.

    Comment by gvdemarchi138 | October 12, 2011 | Reply

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