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1990’s Batting Stances: The Best Ones

Three main subjects to tackle in this “90skidsstuff” blog  3 part premiere. This post will focus on the best/most interesting/unique batting stances in MLB of the 1990’s, the best Nickelodeon shows of that decade, and finally the most significant and memorable movie lines from those 10 years.

Part 1: Batting Stances

10. Cal Ripken Jr. – The great thing about watching Ripken bat was that during a 16 year stretch, fans were able to see the stance every single game! This stance shall be called the “bat sits on your shoulder” stance.

9. Nomar Garciaparra – This one makes the list not necessarily for the stance, but for the pre-stance, 10 minute ritual. Strap on batting gloves? Check. Adjust wrist and forearm bands? Check. Tap each foot on the ground one after the other a dozen times? Check. Repeat entire ritual 5 times? Check, check, check, check, check. This is the “ritual” stance.

8. Mo Vaughn – It seemed like Vaughn was almost covering his face when with his right forearm when batting… but hey whatever works. Also, biggest upper cut swing ever! This is named the “I can’t see but I’ll hit a homer anyway” stance.

7. Gary Sheffield – Man, how did Sheffield’s arms not fall off before the pitch was thrown everytime! So much flapping around, I don’t know how he did it. The “arm workout” stance.

6. Carl Everett – Right handed stance for Everett= somewhat normal Left handed one= not at all Almost like a much uglier version of Ken Griffey Jr’s look, with a strange face. The “you can’t do it like Griffey” stance.

5. Chuck Knoblauch – Every time he stepped up to the plate I’m sure that the ump and catcher took one step away from Chuck. For some reason, he stuck his bat straight backwards almost poking the umpire in the face. The “look out blue!” stance.

4. Jeff Bagwell – Thought that after a year using this stance Bagwell would have serious knee trouble. Guess not. The “can somebody get me a chair?” stance.

3. Phil Plantier – Basically a left-handed version of the Bagwell stance. The “can somebody get me a chair please?” stance.

2. Craig Counsell – Don’t even know where to begin with this guy. I’m sure that little league coaches don’t tell their players “Craig Counsell… now that’s a guy I want you to bat like!” The “wow” stance.

and number 1 on the 10 craziest batting stances of the 1990’s is….

1. Tony Batista – Batista seriously started every at-bat looking like he was ready for a sword fight rather than attempting to hit a homerun. Somehow, miraculously it worked in the year 2000, when he hit a career high 41 homeruns. The “are you ready for the duel?” stance.

Well, that’s it for the 90skidsstuff first legit post part 1. Part 2 of this three part premiere will come soon! For those of you who stumbled upon this blog looking for television and movies from the 90’s, that will be next! Next post will be the top 10 Nickelodeon Shows of the 1990’s!


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  1. If Hey Arnold isn’t the #1 Nick show of all time…….I’ll be upset

    Comment by Marvin Dover | September 21, 2011 | Reply

    • Sorry “Marvin”. Hey Arnold was a very close 2nd.

      Comment by vbarbosa1127 | September 26, 2011 | Reply

  2. Man where did wacky stances go? Sombody needs to bring this back

    Comment by mediasucksletsrevolt | September 23, 2011 | Reply

  3. tony bautista better blue jay than jose bautista….batting stance of course

    Comment by tpayne2 | September 23, 2011 | Reply

  4. Love the Nomar in the minors video. I miss seeing that on a daily basis.

    Comment by Jimmy Kelley | September 23, 2011 | Reply

  5. Jeff Bagwell had the most crazy stance no doubt about it

    Comment by gchamberlain2 | September 23, 2011 | Reply

  6. […] begin Where are they now Wednesdays with a man who was mentioned all the way back in post one on batting stances. This segment is on “the hit dog”, Mo Vaughn. Many of us Red Sox fans remember Vaughn […]

    Pingback by Where are they now Wednesdays? « | November 3, 2011 | Reply

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